Project Management

The function of Project Management. Range of activities on behalf of the Investor is always agreed individually and can include i.e.:

  • Carry out a preliminary analysis of the economic and technological tasks based on the concepts and received formal documents
  • Finding design unit, requesting design work on behalf of the Investor and the supervision of project implementation
  • Preparation, delivery and discussion of the investment cost estimates, as well as the technical specifications and acceptance of civil engineering works
  • Finding contractors and creation of contracts for the implementation of individual works, general construction, installations, etc.
  • Representing the Investor by ESI engineers on site by acting as the Site Manager – current control of the investment, with particular emphasis on compliance with the design, building permits and construction practices
  • Constant control of the agreed investment budget and work schedule
  • Verification of as-built documentation and preparation of the receiving documentation
  • Obtaining a use permit for the construction